Friday, June 18, 2010


1. bikes, bikes, more bikes!  wish i had a pallie to ride with.

2. road trip daydreams.

3. this girl's hair.  note my newly short bangs, pfff.

4. i think my obsession with ampersands is understood now that i have one tattooed on me (legit pictures soon!), but this is seriously wonderful.

5. look at this lil guyyy.

6. some inspiring sketchbook/art journal pages.

7. i should make a separate post about music, BUT DRAKE'S ALBUM DROPPED AND IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD IT YOU NEED TO.

8. 180 degrees south. don't ask, just see it!

9. thrifting. lifelong obsession, seriously. and i've been scoring lately, which never happens! for instance, i found my perfect oxfords for like 2 bucks!

10.  missed connections, but i'm almost positive that's every girl in the universe.  i'd melt if anyone ever wrote one for me!
i don't know if you can read this, but this is my favorite one i ever came across.

your very smitten kitten.


  1. I'd ride my ole clem to you if Chicago weren't so darn far away.

    I love that & by Gemma Correll. I've been meaning to send it to you, but you found it!

    Cute oxfords. I've been looking for some for me, but I can never find them in my size.

  2. i love gemma correll in general!
    and i wish you were here to ride bikes, mama. i'm in the process of getting mine fixed, it's kind of a piece of junk.