Thursday, June 17, 2010

for one more song, for one more drive, for one more chance to feel alive.

some days, i just want to drop everything and go be young with the best people i know.  all day long, i dream about road trips around the midwest, bonfires, swimming and fishing and taking too many pictures.  doing silly things, too, like skinny dipping or saying FUCK IT and buying a vespa.  laying with my head on someone's shoulder, listening to records.  shaving half of my hair off, bbqs, getting too drunk.  you know, being nineteen.  i hate to say that i feel like i'm "missing out," because i'm really proud of what i'm doing here.  but jesus, i miss my friends.
these are some photos from my last trip home (including my first time in a bar, time spent sitting on roofs, road tripping home!).  the lens on my pentax is messed up, which is a huge bummer & i'm hoping to get it fixed soon BUT IN THE MEANTIME i bought this really great bascially-disposable camera from walgreens with free film for life!  so i've been dragging it eeevvverywhere, it's nice to have something so basic (but still film, which i adore!) to keep in my bag for those moments worth remembering.

i miss you, blog world.  for the longest time, i felt like i had nothing to share.  so i've been working on it, and i have a few good things coming your way, i think.
xo M

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