Thursday, June 17, 2010


i made this little book of sketches my first semester of college called "look."  it was filled with drawings of faces, sloppy, topped with sloppy watercolors and bound between sheets of brown paper.  i was obsessed with the idea of "urban loneliness," that i was constantly surrounded by so many people, yet still felt without.  that i passed so many people on the street every day without once looking into anyone's face (people actually AVOID making eye contact most of the time).  as you flip through the book, you have to lift sheets of translucent paper to see the details of the sketches.  i feel like it pretty adequately describes the haze i felt when i first moved to the city.  there are about ten drawings in all, but these are my favorite four.  some of them were of people i know (hi nathannnnn), others were drawn from pictures of strangers from the internet.  i'd like to start drawing people again, maybe try sketching people in public.  i'll get back to you on that.  
xo M


  1. I think the third one looks a little like you, Mel. Keep it up, missy. Make more. :)

  2. Hi Mel!

    im stealing one for my zine. dont care what you say, love you.

  3. thaaaanks jenni! it's some cutie i found on the internet, hahah.
    AND NATHAN. HEY. that's okay, I GUESS. I GUESS THAT'S OKAY. but people are going to laugh at meeee.

  4. I love them. And I knew that was Nate. Haha. They're really good!