Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010


1. bikes, bikes, more bikes!  wish i had a pallie to ride with.

2. road trip daydreams.

3. this girl's hair.  note my newly short bangs, pfff.

4. i think my obsession with ampersands is understood now that i have one tattooed on me (legit pictures soon!), but this is seriously wonderful.

5. look at this lil guyyy.

6. some inspiring sketchbook/art journal pages.

7. i should make a separate post about music, BUT DRAKE'S ALBUM DROPPED AND IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD IT YOU NEED TO.

8. 180 degrees south. don't ask, just see it!

9. thrifting. lifelong obsession, seriously. and i've been scoring lately, which never happens! for instance, i found my perfect oxfords for like 2 bucks!

10.  missed connections, but i'm almost positive that's every girl in the universe.  i'd melt if anyone ever wrote one for me!
i don't know if you can read this, but this is my favorite one i ever came across.

your very smitten kitten.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


i made this little book of sketches my first semester of college called "look."  it was filled with drawings of faces, sloppy, topped with sloppy watercolors and bound between sheets of brown paper.  i was obsessed with the idea of "urban loneliness," that i was constantly surrounded by so many people, yet still felt without.  that i passed so many people on the street every day without once looking into anyone's face (people actually AVOID making eye contact most of the time).  as you flip through the book, you have to lift sheets of translucent paper to see the details of the sketches.  i feel like it pretty adequately describes the haze i felt when i first moved to the city.  there are about ten drawings in all, but these are my favorite four.  some of them were of people i know (hi nathannnnn), others were drawn from pictures of strangers from the internet.  i'd like to start drawing people again, maybe try sketching people in public.  i'll get back to you on that.  
xo M

for one more song, for one more drive, for one more chance to feel alive.

some days, i just want to drop everything and go be young with the best people i know.  all day long, i dream about road trips around the midwest, bonfires, swimming and fishing and taking too many pictures.  doing silly things, too, like skinny dipping or saying FUCK IT and buying a vespa.  laying with my head on someone's shoulder, listening to records.  shaving half of my hair off, bbqs, getting too drunk.  you know, being nineteen.  i hate to say that i feel like i'm "missing out," because i'm really proud of what i'm doing here.  but jesus, i miss my friends.
these are some photos from my last trip home (including my first time in a bar, time spent sitting on roofs, road tripping home!).  the lens on my pentax is messed up, which is a huge bummer & i'm hoping to get it fixed soon BUT IN THE MEANTIME i bought this really great bascially-disposable camera from walgreens with free film for life!  so i've been dragging it eeevvverywhere, it's nice to have something so basic (but still film, which i adore!) to keep in my bag for those moments worth remembering.

i miss you, blog world.  for the longest time, i felt like i had nothing to share.  so i've been working on it, and i have a few good things coming your way, i think.
xo M